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Entry #3

conkers bad fur day rocks but how do i down load it on the computer omg :((((((

2009-11-27 22:54:45 by yoshiegg

i need help


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2009-11-27 23:00:16

First, you need an N64 emulator. I use Project64:
After which, if you have the original game (which you need to legally own or use ROMs), you can download the ROM. I'm not linking that, but Google is your friend. Then, just open the ROM with the emulator and play! Oh, but you might need a controller for your computer, find one cheap on eBay or at a yard sale or something.

yoshiegg responds:

o ok


2009-12-10 08:24:32

You have a Daily 2nd and a Weekly 3rd now.


2009-12-12 00:01:05

Isn't that great?

yoshiegg responds:

thats freekin alsome
o yea


2010-11-13 23:14:04